MMC Wins MSC's 2017 Simulating Reality Contest

October, 2017 (Portland --) Maine Marine Composites (MMC) has won MSC Software's annual Simulating... READ MORE

MMC staff and associates have experience in the design and implementation of sensor systems for underwater applications:

  • Wave buoys, especially for spatially dense data such as is required for site evaluation for a wind-turbine or wave energy converter field.
  • Pressure sensors, consisting of a large number of thin pressure sensors that can be affixed to a structural member, tank, or boat hull.

We specialize in smart sensors based on electronics with minimal chip counts. Our strategy is to handle critical timing events at the sensor itself, buffering measurement data, numerically conditioning it if necessary, and forwarding it to the data acquisition system. This alleviates much of the burden of post-processing data in order to remove noise, calibration, or offset errors. And by using a microcontroller-based architecture, our sensors can communicate with the host system over networks, simplifying the electronics at the host system.