MMC Wins MSC's 2017 Simulating Reality Contest

October, 2017 (Portland --) Maine Marine Composites (MMC) has won MSC Software's annual Simulating... READ MORE

How Do You Know Your Boat Is Performing Properly? 

You know how to design and build boats, right? Or perhaps you know how to design and build offshore wind, wave or tidal energy systems.

  • But how do you know that everything is working on your system?
  • What do you do if there is a dynamic problem way out at sea – how do you measure the forces and motions, the dynamic pressures, and the wave heights and frequencies in your particular environment?
  • How do you capture the data in a computer?
  • ...and what do you do with the data after you've collected it?

Our specialists can meet with you and jointly determine the best instrumentation system architecture for your needs.

We will discuss your operating environment and estimate the forces, pressures, flow rates – whatever physical properties are important to you. And then we can convert these requirements into a concise document that you can use as the basis for a request for proposals to create a system to meet your specific needs.