MMC Wins MSC's 2017 Simulating Reality Contest

October, 2017 (Portland --) Maine Marine Composites (MMC) has won MSC Software's annual Simulating... READ MORE

No two instrumentation systems are the same.

The odds are pretty good that your application has unique requirements for instrumentation. Perhaps you need long duration, unattended operation, or you need to measure a physical property that is not normally measured by an integrated system. Or perhaps you need to make multiple measurements at different locations in your submerged system – we can configure a system to meet your needs.

To measure the handling characteristics of high-speed boats we have developed both wired and wireless systems, for situations that require stand-alone data acquisition and remote data acquisition. Typical systems include sensors to measure:

  • An Inertial Measurement Unit to measure pitch, roll and yaw
  • Accelerometers to measure local and global accelerations in surge, sway and heave
  • Differential strain gauges to measure the required torque on the steering wheel
  • Angular offsets to measure the deflection of outboard motors and outdrives
  • Fuel flow gauges to estimate the fuel efficiency at each speed and trim setting
  • Strain gauges to measure the bollard pull of small craft

System integration is more than just picking components out of catalogs. We specialize in knowing which components last, what connectors and cables to use, and what technologies are superior. Using commercial, off the shelf components, MMC instrumentation specialists can design, construct, test, and install a complete system to meet your needs.