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Sep 27, 2011

Maine Marine Composites Receives Grant, Subcontract to Extend Analysis Capacity of Software

(Portland --) Maine Marine Composites, LLC has been awarded both a defense subcontract and a technology grant to further develop its proprietary seakeeping analysis software POWERSEA. Alion Corp has subcontracted with Maine Marine Composites for $100,000 to refine the POWERSEA information tool on a project for the Ship Structure Committee, an interagency research and development committee for safer ship structures. The Maine Technology Institute has awarded the company $10,475 from its seed grant program.

Developed to help boat designers, as well as tidal and wave energy device developers, POWERSEA predicts how structures respond to motion and pressure. Specific information about a craft or device’s response to water and wave pressure can aid engineers in predicting performance, shock, vibration and potential failure points, therefore optimizing design for safety.

"Modern military and civilian boat designers – particularly those who build high-speed planing boats and ferries – rely upon outdated performance standards while today’s marine uses are more extreme. By simulating these more extreme uses, POWERSEA will provide more accurate data about how modern craft withstand pressure and speed, helping designers and engineers to build safer and more durable boats," said Steven Von Vogt, CEO of Maine Marine Composites.

"POWERSEA is also a powerful tool to aid energy engineers in optimum device design for tidal and wave energy production, assessing the proper location and performance of new technology."

Founded in 2006, Portland-based Maine Marine Composites, LLC is an R&D and engineering firm that provides advanced engineering and analysis tools to design efficient, high- performance and cost effective composite marine structures. The company provides information services for both marine and renewable energy clients for use in boat design, predicting performance, minimizing motion-related injuries, siting energy devices for maximum production and minimum environmental impact in extreme ocean environments.